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10th Aug 2009, 5:35 AM


Birds do it, Bees do it...

Whenever i Hear that "let's do it" song from Cole Porter (yay for the Tank Girl movie) i always imagine that he was forced to make the song about love instead of sex. we can all dream, can't we?

you may be noticing a common theme with the comic and this blog. Sex. yay SEX!

No, i'm not a nymphomaniac. No, I'm not a sex least I highly doubt it. I just enjoy one of the most enjoyable things in the world. so sue me. No, I'm not going to rant about how unfair it is that girls are often referred to as sluts and whores whereas guys are referred to as playas and studs...god knows there's enough people doing that.

I personally don't believe there's anything wrong with having a beneficial friend (usually referred to as a fuck buddy *rolls eyes) or being in an open relationship. as long as no one's getting hurt and you're doing what's true to how you feel, go to it! of course, i hate it when people midlead others and aren't honest with what it is that they really want, but that's how things go sometimes. oh well.

so from my point of view: yay for homosexuality! yay for open relationships! yay for fuck-buddies! yay for experimenting! yay for what-ever-it-is-that-you-do-that-you-enjoy! (of course I don't promote beastiality, pedofilia, or incest...ew)

we're only on this planet for so long, why not enjoy our time here? we can't be certain what lies in store for us after death, so why not fill our lives with what makes us happy? whether it be religion, friends, family, money, etc.

but before you get the wrong idea, or to fix whatever impression you've gotten from this let me state this: balance is key. in all areas of life i believe that the key to happiness and harmony or whatever you want to label it, is balance. everything in moderation. there's so much out there for us to grab onto, we can't hold it all at once. I feel that the best thing anyone can strive for in life is balance/harmony between everything. So as much as I enjoy sex, I don't fill all my days with carnal pleasures, i balance them out with fun with friends, work, study and family. devoting only bits of my time to the pleasures of the flesh instead of all my time to it makes it that much more fun and special when I do get to "it".

there's always such thing as too much of anything

ok, late night ranting session done.


3rd Aug 2009, 7:24 AM


Harreh Pottah

Yay, Update!

so i've been drawing and thinking up comic strips like crazy these last few days, doing all i can to keep myself from updating every night and burning through my stash. i finally decided to give in and update "tonight", but couldn't decide which strip to update first. I decided on my Harry Potter one because I wanted to update it while it was still relevant...instead of updating it in a few weeks/months when no one's thinking about the movie anymore.

so at the coffee shop i work at today a regular customer i haven't seen in a while came and we started talking and he asked me if i had finished my book yet. not knowing whether he was talking about the book i was reading or the book i'm writing, i said "which one?" and he clarified that he was asking about the book i was writing and i told him I haven't finished it yet, that I've started other projects. "ah, a procrastinator are we?" to which i replied "no, just getting some excess stuff outta my head so i can focus more on the book, i guess" so he asked what kind of project and amongst many others i mentioned the webcomic. he didn't know what it was. cuz, yknow, he's like 40-something and obviously that's too juvenile for him. so I explained to which his reply was "oh...well...have fun with your little comic...don't rip of Archie!" to which I replied "oh, no worries there, mine's going to have much more nudity than Archie". he gave me a big tip.

and yes, don't worry, nudity shall be delivered in time. good things come to those who wait...or have the balls to bug me enough until i give in a draw more boobs. and maybe a penis. we'll see.

it's  2:30 am and i should prolly get to sleep, or to drawing. farewell interweb!


30th Jul 2009, 5:36 AM


July 30th, Repitition with a difference

hey again.

so i've just uploaded my first actual strip for the comic and it should be showing up soonish. so excited. drawing this one out did make me realize that i need to get some art supplies. a handful of crayons, markers and a pencil with a stub of an eraser just won't do. still, i think for  a beginner that i'm doing alright.

i've started drawing out/outlining quite a few webcomics today but i think i'll only update once or twice a week. i know there'll be times when i'm too busy to draw up something new and i think it'll be good for me to have some back ups just in case. we'll see how fast the ideas come in. almost finished the final touches of the next strip already. having two comments on the first update was a great confidence boost. whoo hoo!

will write more later, but i gots shit to do. like twitter. i know, i'm ashamed of myself.

i doubt that my comic will have much "deep" moments, but when they happen i should let them shine through the inevitable dirty jokes and silliness.


29th Jul 2009, 4:02 AM


the Beginning

so here I am. You can call me Feeny. I've been thinking about starting up a webcomic for a long time but always told myself I would wait until I was able to do it properly. you know, promote it at comic conventions, could get advertising, could get an artist to help or be able to afford the necessary supplies for it to not look like shit.

oh well.

I've had so many ideas going through my head on this webcomic that I decided to say "fuck it" and start it anyways. who knows, maybe years from know I'll look back and be able to smile about all the progress I've made. Either way, I've decided it about time that I start doing something somewhat productive that will help me get used to doing certain amounts of writing/drawing a week.

I don't know how often I'll update, or how I'm going to run this webcomic yet. all I know is that I want to give it a good shot and see where it goes.

so take a look around and hopefully i'll have put up something worthwhile for you :)