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23rd Mar 2010, 9:34 PM


The Phone Call

It's saturday night and my cell phone rings. I'm actually about to fall asleep and don't feel like talking, so I check the call display. It's the guy that my friend set me up with back in friggin November. We went out three times, then he disappeared for a few weeks, then set up a habit of texting or calling me once every month or so, sometimes asking if I'm free to hang out, coincidentally whenever I happen to be busy. I decided to answer this time.
Me: Hi.
Him: Hey, what's up?
Me: Not much.
there's akward silence for a minute.
Him:, I was just thinking--
Me: actually, I'm seeing someone now.
Him: oh, well, that's unfortunate.
Me: I wouldn't say Unfortunate.
Him: ...sooo--
Me: soooo...
Him: I just--Heh Heh--
Me: Its a monogamous relationship.
Me: that means he's the only one I'm having sex with.
Him: ah, kay..
Me: mhmm
Him: well, I was just--
and I hung up.

4th Mar 2010, 1:58 AM


Oy Vey

Sorry guys, I've been a little preoccupied these last few weeks.

there's two items of news:

I'm planning on doing up a guest comic strip for my friend's webcomic, Dr.Holocaust. I'll post it here when I finish it.

I've finally started focusing on my novel again, after about a year of having it on the back burner. I sat down today and wrote out a few starting pages, so hopefully I'll have a first draft written up within the next year.

that's about it.

18th Feb 2010, 8:40 PM


Reading Week

sleeping 'til noon, up 'til 4am, drawing lotsa comics. This is Reading Week.

so obviously, not a whole lot to write about this week, except that I got a few good comics drawn up this week...instead of working on the assignments I have due next week...


last night I saw this girl peeing on the steps of museum subway station. Pretty sure she was drunk.

so yeah. careful where you step there.

12th Feb 2010, 7:06 AM


the weird kid

So I almost forgot to put up a author blog this week...might as well put it up now

there's not much to report, except for two little announcements.

first the good:

when I moved into dorm, I noticed that in the stairway there was a pink spot on the wall. So, naturally, I came up with the idea to draw a circle around it to make it look a boob. last week, I noticed that someone had written "A bag of sand" beside it. It made my day.

and some slightly bad news:

I was loaned a scanner by my uncle, which I have been having trouble figuring out how to get it to work. so...if I can't get it working or find another scanner to use, I might have to dip into my comic stash for updates. but I'll definitely have a working scanner by march...I think...we'll see.

1st Feb 2010, 9:58 PM


Grumbles and a funny story

So I'm about to get as close to "Starving Artist" status as I'll most likely ever get. The increasingly failing coffee shop that I work at has gotten so bad for business that my boss has cut down our hours. Long story short, I'm now only working one shift a week. I'm looking around for a new job, but because the holiday season has just recently ended there aren't many employers looking for part-time help. I'm not yet desperate enough for money to apply at Mcdonalds. I'm making just enough money to scrape by, but I'm going to have to move back into my mom's house for at least a month this summer to save up for getting a room near campus.

On a somewhat happier note, I am now without access to a scanner. How is this a happy announcement? Well I'm finally motivated to get a new scanner (my own broke, so did my mom's which is what I've been using). I looked around on Ebay and found a pretty good scanner but decided to wait a few weeks before getting it so I could have as much of my paycheck for reading week as possible. My uncle/godfather has offered to loan me his scanner until I get my own so weekly updates won't be affected. I should have my own scanner in about 3 weeks, which might lead to an extra update a week.

I've been looking into getting a table at the Toronto FanExpo this summer, but when I found out it would cost me at least $1000, the idea quickly died. If I'm lucky I might be able to get a friend to let me sit at their table for one afternoon, but I'm quickly accepting that having a table at FanExpo most likely won't happen. I'm still going to try to hand out out my comics in book form.

Funny story: I just found out that someone new moved into my dorm-suite. I've seen this guy around the dorm-suite cooking, brushing his teeth, watching TV, etc. And I started to wonder whether he was the boyfriend of someone who lived in the dorm or if he had moved in. we've exchanged "hello"s but that's about it. so one day I was cooking in the kitchen and he came to cook too, and I asked him: "so, um, do you live here?"
Him: "yeah, I've been here for like almost 2 months now"
me: "...really? wow...I've barely seen you, I just thought you were someone's boyfriend or something"
him: "nope I live here...and yeah I've barely see you too..."
me: "yeah...I don't really socialize much in the dorm..."
him: "oh, ok...well, nice to meet you"
and luckily I was done cooking so I could retreat back to the solitude of my room. It's not that I dislike the people on my floor, I'm just a bit of an Introvert. Socializing with people tends to wear me out after a while. When I come back to my dorm room, I like to be able to "turn off" and just enjoy my privacy. I don't like the idea of having the first-year girls I live with knocking on my door to hang out. They usually only see me if I'm cooking, brushing my teeth, or leaving the building. Otherwise, I'm hanging out in my room and working.
Someone predicted that I'll someday be a crazy cat lady. I doubt that'll happen, I'm more of a dog person