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1st Feb 2010, 9:58 PM


Grumbles and a funny story

So I'm about to get as close to "Starving Artist" status as I'll most likely ever get. The increasingly failing coffee shop that I work at has gotten so bad for business that my boss has cut down our hours. Long story short, I'm now only working one shift a week. I'm looking around for a new job, but because the holiday season has just recently ended there aren't many employers looking for part-time help. I'm not yet desperate enough for money to apply at Mcdonalds. I'm making just enough money to scrape by, but I'm going to have to move back into my mom's house for at least a month this summer to save up for getting a room near campus.

On a somewhat happier note, I am now without access to a scanner. How is this a happy announcement? Well I'm finally motivated to get a new scanner (my own broke, so did my mom's which is what I've been using). I looked around on Ebay and found a pretty good scanner but decided to wait a few weeks before getting it so I could have as much of my paycheck for reading week as possible. My uncle/godfather has offered to loan me his scanner until I get my own so weekly updates won't be affected. I should have my own scanner in about 3 weeks, which might lead to an extra update a week.

I've been looking into getting a table at the Toronto FanExpo this summer, but when I found out it would cost me at least $1000, the idea quickly died. If I'm lucky I might be able to get a friend to let me sit at their table for one afternoon, but I'm quickly accepting that having a table at FanExpo most likely won't happen. I'm still going to try to hand out out my comics in book form.

Funny story: I just found out that someone new moved into my dorm-suite. I've seen this guy around the dorm-suite cooking, brushing his teeth, watching TV, etc. And I started to wonder whether he was the boyfriend of someone who lived in the dorm or if he had moved in. we've exchanged "hello"s but that's about it. so one day I was cooking in the kitchen and he came to cook too, and I asked him: "so, um, do you live here?"
Him: "yeah, I've been here for like almost 2 months now"
me: "...really? wow...I've barely seen you, I just thought you were someone's boyfriend or something"
him: "nope I live here...and yeah I've barely see you too..."
me: "yeah...I don't really socialize much in the dorm..."
him: "oh, ok...well, nice to meet you"
and luckily I was done cooking so I could retreat back to the solitude of my room. It's not that I dislike the people on my floor, I'm just a bit of an Introvert. Socializing with people tends to wear me out after a while. When I come back to my dorm room, I like to be able to "turn off" and just enjoy my privacy. I don't like the idea of having the first-year girls I live with knocking on my door to hang out. They usually only see me if I'm cooking, brushing my teeth, or leaving the building. Otherwise, I'm hanging out in my room and working.
Someone predicted that I'll someday be a crazy cat lady. I doubt that'll happen, I'm more of a dog person

25th Jan 2010, 8:41 PM


Getting back to "normal"

So I've finally gotten back to my normal sleep routine and am settling into good habits. after having two assignments sneak up on me last week, I've looked at my course syllabuses and have worked out a loose outline that will help me get assignments done before they're due, or at least to be aware of them. A friend of mine and I have finally set up a routine of going to the gym for at least an hour a week together.

A good friend of mine is back in town for her co-op placement and we've picked up our tradition that had to be abandoned after she fucked-off back to Brock University for fall semester. This tradition consists of going to the local mall (which is laughably attempting to be more classy) and seeing a movie which only costs $4 on Tuesdays. We would always go to the bulk barn before to get some candy to sneak into the theater, and while at the bulk barn we would always see the same hot tall Asian guy working there. We were able to pick up our tradition just as we had left it at the end of the summer, including spotting Tall-Hot-Asian-Guy working at the bulk barn. This tradition takes place every week, unless we're somehow other wise engaged (school/work/family emergency). Someone once remarked "There aren't that many good movies coming out to be able to go to the movies every week" when I told them about the tradition, to which I explained: it's not about seeing good movies, it's more just hanging out and seeing a movie we think we'll hate the least. I remember one week last summer we were trying to decide on a movie and I said "Ok, we have three choices: "Tranformers 2" which I'd like to see, "Up" which I want to see again because when I went to see it I had a guy hanging off my face the whole time, or "Public Enemies" has Johnny Depp in it, so how bad can it be?" My dear friend replied with: "Well I don't want to see "Tramsformers 2" cuz it looks too action-explosion-y, and "Up" looks like it's too much of a kiddie movie..."Public Enemies" has Johnny Depp, so lets watch that one."
"Public Enemies" turned out to be horrible, and my friend regrets not seeing "Up" in theaters when she had the chance

19th Jan 2010, 8:06 AM


Sleep Deprivation

So as I told you guys last week, I went through a self-inflicted sleep experiment. because my sleeping habits have gotten so out of wack, I've decided to keep myself awake from 2pm wednesday to 10pm thursday to get myself back in a regular sleep routine. it worked! i stayed up all night watching Heroes, painting my nails and doing bits of homework. I sat and watched the sun brighten the sky over parking garage across from my building in my dorm room. As long as I wake up before noon, I'm usually able to fall asleep around midnight.

there's not much else to write about this week, although I am thinking more about trying to get all these comics into book form, possibly to hand out at the toronto Fan Expo this summer. we'll see.

Oh, and I've decided on my very first comic related T-Shirt design, thanks to an old friend of mine.

14th Jan 2010, 7:07 AM


I swear I'm not a Vampire

It's getting harder and harder to defend my status as a non-vampire to my teasing friends. They already have these points against me:
1. "You're allergic to sunlight!" (I don't tan, just sunburn. really easily.)
2. "You're like full of violent tendencies!" (With my guy friends, I like to rough-house)
3. "You don't eat human food!" (I'm ridiculously picky)
4. "You're eyes glow red in photos!" (most of the time, yeah)
5. "You laugh at other peoples' misery!" (I laugh uncontrollably when babies cry)
6. "Your mouth waters when you see blood. seriously!" (yeah that's true. long explaination)
7. "You have fangs!" (my upper canine teeth are pointier than average)
8. "You're deathly pale!" (compared to most people, yepp)

and now they have another reason to accuse me of being a vampire: I'm practically nocturnal now.

From the combination of exam week and the winter holidays, my sleep routine has gotten ridiculously out of wack: I have trouble falling asleep before 6am and waking up before 2pm. I fall asleep when most people wake up. This hasn't presented itself as a huge problem to my life at the moment, except that I feel embarrassed that noon is early for me. I used fall asleep at 11pm and wake up at 6am for 2 months straight, no problem. What The Hell.

So, in an attempt to get back into a normal (at least normal for a university student) sleep routine, I've decided to keep myself awake. I have an 8:30am research lab thursday morning (which I realized as I write this is in 6 hours) and then a lecture at noon. So seeing as I usually fall asleep around 6 or 7am days, I'm going to power through and keep myself awake, go to the lab, somehow continue staying awake, go to my lecture, and then see how long I can stay awake after that. At 6pm or so I'll stop pounding caffiene so that I will hopefully fall asleep around 10 or 11pm, like normal people do. I don't expect to be of much use in such a sleep-deprived state but it won't greatly affect my day and I figured that since it's the one day a week where I have a reason to wake up before 10am, I'll use it for this little experiment. If I can at least get back to my routine of sleeping from 1-2amish to 9-10ish then I'll be happy. 

I'll blog the results of this stupid experiment when I get around to it.

oh, and I've also decided to start watching "Heroes" so that should help keep me awake for the next 6 hours.

8th Jan 2010, 6:45 AM


Over Due

So I'm back at York and I've just realized how financially fucked I am. looks like I'm going to get stuck staying at my mom's house for a few weeks in the summer at the very least. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new job soon, or some sort of added income, but it doesn't seem entirely likely in the immediate future.

when I came back to dorm from the holiday break  I found that some of my kitchen stuff had been taken - my small pot, my bowl, and all my spoons - So I stole some spoons from a cafeteria on campus and ate soup from my plastic measuring cup. It'll do until I can go to my mom's and grab some stuff from her kitchen.

as restricting as it is, I feel that the poor student lifestyle suits me...I just wish I had a job I actually enjoyed, instead of one I'm just comfortable with.

New Year's eve this year was actually fun for me, I went out drinking with a friend and her friends and had a genuinely great time being drunk and silly. Also, after hanging out with these people on new years, I've realized just how badly I need to go and hang out in scotland again, but for more than a week this time. those accents, goddamn.

I've also been thinking of actually trying to put my comics into book form, it's probably going to be a photocopy-and-staples deal, but I'd love to try to promote the web comic at the toronto fan expo this summer, maybe even get a table or the moment I'm just brainstorming.

I've been watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Phantom of the Paradise a lot lately.