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14th Jan 2010, 7:07 AM


I swear I'm not a Vampire

It's getting harder and harder to defend my status as a non-vampire to my teasing friends. They already have these points against me:
1. "You're allergic to sunlight!" (I don't tan, just sunburn. really easily.)
2. "You're like full of violent tendencies!" (With my guy friends, I like to rough-house)
3. "You don't eat human food!" (I'm ridiculously picky)
4. "You're eyes glow red in photos!" (most of the time, yeah)
5. "You laugh at other peoples' misery!" (I laugh uncontrollably when babies cry)
6. "Your mouth waters when you see blood. seriously!" (yeah that's true. long explaination)
7. "You have fangs!" (my upper canine teeth are pointier than average)
8. "You're deathly pale!" (compared to most people, yepp)

and now they have another reason to accuse me of being a vampire: I'm practically nocturnal now.

From the combination of exam week and the winter holidays, my sleep routine has gotten ridiculously out of wack: I have trouble falling asleep before 6am and waking up before 2pm. I fall asleep when most people wake up. This hasn't presented itself as a huge problem to my life at the moment, except that I feel embarrassed that noon is early for me. I used fall asleep at 11pm and wake up at 6am for 2 months straight, no problem. What The Hell.

So, in an attempt to get back into a normal (at least normal for a university student) sleep routine, I've decided to keep myself awake. I have an 8:30am research lab thursday morning (which I realized as I write this is in 6 hours) and then a lecture at noon. So seeing as I usually fall asleep around 6 or 7am days, I'm going to power through and keep myself awake, go to the lab, somehow continue staying awake, go to my lecture, and then see how long I can stay awake after that. At 6pm or so I'll stop pounding caffiene so that I will hopefully fall asleep around 10 or 11pm, like normal people do. I don't expect to be of much use in such a sleep-deprived state but it won't greatly affect my day and I figured that since it's the one day a week where I have a reason to wake up before 10am, I'll use it for this little experiment. If I can at least get back to my routine of sleeping from 1-2amish to 9-10ish then I'll be happy. 

I'll blog the results of this stupid experiment when I get around to it.

oh, and I've also decided to start watching "Heroes" so that should help keep me awake for the next 6 hours.

8th Jan 2010, 6:45 AM


Over Due

So I'm back at York and I've just realized how financially fucked I am. looks like I'm going to get stuck staying at my mom's house for a few weeks in the summer at the very least. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new job soon, or some sort of added income, but it doesn't seem entirely likely in the immediate future.

when I came back to dorm from the holiday break  I found that some of my kitchen stuff had been taken - my small pot, my bowl, and all my spoons - So I stole some spoons from a cafeteria on campus and ate soup from my plastic measuring cup. It'll do until I can go to my mom's and grab some stuff from her kitchen.

as restricting as it is, I feel that the poor student lifestyle suits me...I just wish I had a job I actually enjoyed, instead of one I'm just comfortable with.

New Year's eve this year was actually fun for me, I went out drinking with a friend and her friends and had a genuinely great time being drunk and silly. Also, after hanging out with these people on new years, I've realized just how badly I need to go and hang out in scotland again, but for more than a week this time. those accents, goddamn.

I've also been thinking of actually trying to put my comics into book form, it's probably going to be a photocopy-and-staples deal, but I'd love to try to promote the web comic at the toronto fan expo this summer, maybe even get a table or the moment I'm just brainstorming.

I've been watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Phantom of the Paradise a lot lately.

30th Dec 2009, 9:57 AM


Faking It

So this week's comic is dedicated to my little sister who I call Muffins. I don't know why.
But she answers to it, so that's awesome.

I've really got nothing to talk about for this week's blog except that I can't wait to get drunk on new year's eve (and hopefully not do something stupid, again).

oh and christmas sucked, as usual.


I'm on tumblr now, because I've run out of things to do at 5am instead of homework or sleeping.

22nd Dec 2009, 8:56 PM


The Holiday Spirit

shit it's already tuesday and I'm just doing the blog now...

ok, so first off I apparently need to explain the "this keeps happening" comic strip ( as a reader told me they didn't get it. so my friend Danielle was driving me back to my dorm when we passed by a cat on the side of the driveway. Danielle stopped the car and as you can see, tried to get the cat to come over. the cat walked away. so Danielle continued driving and we got in a silly "argument" over how adorable Danielle is. She hates it when I call her adorable.

there you go.

secondly, the obligatory winter holiday strip ( which I think perfectly portrays my holiday spirit. and my occasional accidental tendency to set things on fire. Yes, I celebrate Hannukah (you can really spell it however the fuck you want) and Christmas. My mom's jewish, my dad's family celebrates christmas. which really just means twice as much rediculous holiday food, family dinners, and usually smaller gifts.

Because I'm not religious, I go for these family events with the "yay-free-food-and-usually-great-gifts" mentality. for a while my dad would tease be about my stubborness to not be religious by saying "happy-winter-solstice-celebration-turned-capitalist-excuse-for-a-holiday". Now I've given up and just say "merry christmas", "happy Chanukah" or "happy Holidays" accordingly.

because York University's dorms don't like having students living there over the holiday break, I'm spending two weeks at my mom's (which greatly inhibits my ability to get laid/go out and have fun on a regular basis). my boss ignored my request for a few more shifts at the coffee shop which means I actually get to spend these two weeks with family (especially my 2-year-old sister who likes to wake me up at 6am), friends from out of town, and my school readings. I also plan to get some comics done for my stash.

for Channukah my Mom got my the dvd "Up" which made me squeel like the fan girl that I am (but usually over Nathan Fillion or Gary Oldman) because it's such a great movie and i love it and it made me laugh my ass off in the theatre (someone actually told me to shut up). for a present, I gave her a discount on my baby sitting services.


Also, I've just joined tumblr (under Outletting) and have found many other tumblr things that i love (like "fuckyeahgaryoldman" and "fuckyeahtwilightsucks")

15th Dec 2009, 9:15 AM


"For His and Her Pleasure" *eye roll*

Libraries used to be a place where I would be focused on studying or writing an essay. Today, I sat in the Library reading webcomics, then took a nap, while procrastinating on a rediculously long take home exam and now the magical power that libraries had over my attention span seems to have been broken.


Seeing as how I'm not getting any work done on this fucking cluster fuck of essays, I might as well do something relatively productive and put up some sort of blog entry.

So I've actually been forcing myself to go to the library to study and write essays, and It's become pretty obvious that the university library is barely a learning environment anymore. Even though there were many signs around saying "quiet please, this is a studying area" in big easy-to-read font, there were many students talking on their cell phones or sitting around and chatting like there were hanging out at a friend's house. what the hell. the other day I even saw a couple making out in plain sight. I know there's that rediculously common excitment about fooling around in the library, but seriously!? when the hell did the library become a place for people to hang out and bring their dates? If you're stuck on campus and want to hang out with your friends, your girlfriend whatever, GO TO THE FUCKING STUDENT CENTER, THEY HAVE COMFIER SEATS! I have enough trouble focusing on my goddamn essays as it is without these idiots crowding the library to sit around and be loud.

but that's not what I wanted to mention:

outside the library, right across from the entrance, there are three vending machines. one for drinks, one for candy, and one, cleverly enough, for school supplies. In the latter vending machine, there are pens, paper, pencils, erasers, blank discs, staples, paperclips, headphones, highlighters --anything you might need during an all nighter at the library. including condoms.


and they're like vibratey and ribbed.

of course, it's not the concept of condoms in a vending machine that makes me react this way as it is a genius idea. It's the fact that someone felt there was such a demand for condoms so close to a university library that they were able to get them put into a vending machine otherwise used for school supplies. and vibrating ribbed condoms no less! this particular library is in Ross Building. Also in Ross Building is some sort of health services office that dispences free condoms. there is also a cornicopia of free condoms up for grabs in various dorm lobbies and common rooms, far away from judgemental eyes. and heck, there is also a convenience store that sells varieties of condoms. and a drug store that sells condoms, and will fill prescriptions for birth control pills.

So really, what is the chance of some kid coming out of the library and saying to themselves
"Yay, I'm done studying, I can now go to the person I'm currently/potentionally having sex with and truly enjoy their company, but oh wait, I seem to be out of condoms and I'm not sure about their abundance of contraceptives. Instead of risking my chance of getting the ol' in-and-out, I'll just pick up some condoms on my way to this potentially enjoyable engagement; However, I do not wish to actually have to talk or even make eye contact with a human that could witness me acquiring this miracle invention, so I will go to the vending machine that I usually get my pencils from. Oh, lookit that, they have condoms that are ribbed, and oh joy, they vibrate as well! I best be on my merry way, it seems I am up for a very enjoyable time! I've never even heard of this brand before, but I'm sure they wouldn't sell it unless it were trust worthy."

or for fuck's sake, at least get a better brand.

I met with a TA of mine today to discuss some assignments I should've done better with, and I realized that if I want to get my Phd, I need to switch over into the english program. luckily, the professional writing program and the english program are very similar so it won't be too much of a hassle, but it made me reconsider whether or not I want/am fit to become a university professor like I'm hoping. As much as I know stuff like this is good for me, I hate getting into the mood of doubting myself and questioning my future and whether or not I'll be able to carve out a pleasant place for myself in society. It's a very slippery slope, you see.

Right now, all I want is to be done with my finals and get a good night's sleep.