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2nd Nov 2009, 4:38 AM


Porno Salad

ah, Halloween. Unfortunately I was stuck working at the Coffee shop, so I didn't get to have nearly as much fun as i usually do on halloween but I did take my pleasure from a few moements of the night. At one point to young boys (about 12 or 13) showed up in their "costumes" (one had some mask, the other had slapped a few NASA stickers onto his coat and was wearing ill-fitting sweat pants). so they come in, and because the front of the store is like 90% glass I saw them walk up and I assume the position: raised eyebrow, hand on hip, other hand leaning slighty on the counter. Preparing for sarcasm. they walk in, grinning their baby-faced asses off.
Boys: Trick or Treat!
Me: Trick.
"astronaught": treat?
Me: Trick.
"astronaught": treat?
Me: Trick.
"astronuaght": ...can we have treats?
Me: *looking at donut shelves* if you pay for them, sure.
"astronaught": *looking at friend* let's try Tim Hortons.

Dumbasses. I'm not giving out free food, especially to a bunch of dorks in half-assed costumes.

My Dad and his girlfriend Dawn picked me up from work and we hung out for a bit, Dawn gave me two socks filled with candy, the socks were orange with black cats on them. screw Chanukah, Halloween is our christmas.

I'm currently drawing out a comic strip on what not to do in bed (based on a very recent experience) which will most likely be up soon.

oh, and if you were wondering, this weekend's comic strip took place last year when I visited my friend Sarah at Guelph for Halloween. Sarah, 2 school friends of hers, and I went out to collect food for less fortunate people. Sarah and one of her friends dressed up as Red fish and Blue fish from the Dr.Suess book while her other friend dressed up as a Cat. I had to bus in right after class and used an entire case of silver eyeshadow to make a last minute comstume. I was a Homeless Robot.

26th Oct 2009, 7:18 PM


Back to the Grind

The Bruises are almost completely faded, I can sit down comfortably again, and I now have a better Idea of what it is I do/don't like.

I'm at the front lines of the Midterm struggle and have slipped into the calm accepting mindset of how fucked I am. I have three assignments due within the next two days, none of which are past the outline stage. I have a few tests scattered out over the next few weeks along with piles of reading.

luckily, however, all my midterm craziness is over right before my birthday so that I won't feel guilty when I go out on friday night and for the first time ever legally order booze from a bar and strive to enjoy this new privilage as much as possible.

This year I have to miss out on my favourite holiday of all time (Halloween, duhr) because I'm scheduled to work Halloween night and I can't afford to take that night off of work. And even if I did take that night off of work, I would be obligated to spend it studying or catching up on school work instead of going out and having fun while dressed up as Talahassee from Zombieland (I'd add a box of twinkies to the costume).

One night last week I decided to try to get some essaying done in the common room of my dorm because it's a less distracting atmosphere than my bedroom. while watching Buffy and occasionally glancing over at the empty microsoft word document, It was brought to my attention that some people were playing with an Ouiji board. Eventally the Ouiji board was brought into the common room and it turned out to be the lid of a pizza box with letters and numbers scrawled on with pencil, accompanied by a glass mug. A guy who was very entusiastic over his lil ouiji board tried to convince me to try to summon spirits with him. I laughed him off and told him about the 5 page essay I had yet to start. I told him to try and talk to Cthulhu though, of course he had no idea who I was talking about so I told him to look it up. Him and a few girls set up the Ouiji board next to me and me we all had a good laugh as he attempted to summon some chatty spirits. He ended up taking the board over to Stong residence because they seem to have better spirital reception there.
god bless his heart.

19th Oct 2009, 7:53 PM


"Reading" Week

So I just finished my Reading week and got just about no reading done.
I went to visit friends at Trent in Peterborough. It's a 2 and a Half hour bus ride to get there, along with the subway ride to/from the bus station. I figured I'd be a smart cookie and get some reading done on the bus ride. I fell asleep on the way there and back. I did get the chance to draw out two strips about the activities going on during the trip (one which is posted, "Drinking Games", and the next one to be posted, "Spanksgiving").

two friends of mine, Larissa and Adam share a house with their two friends, Fiona and Mel. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, watching horror movies along with a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. we made cupcakes with crushed smarties sprinkled on top (I got the fun of crushing them up with a hammer :D) one night and Shepard's pie another night. Larissa, Fiona and I speculated on the beauty of Ryan Reynolds as you can see in this weeks comic strip.

Larissa collaborated on the drawings of this comic by being a helpful model for a few poses and also offered to photoshop it on her computer, as you can see. Adam and Fiona helped me out with the dialogue. upon finding out that I don't drink alcoholic beverages, Adam seemed surprised and Larissa sprung into action to attempt to make me a drink I would like. some grenadine, peach schnapps, and orange juice later, I was making funny faces in front of a camera with a martini glass and getting sleepy. I didn't even get through a third of the drink before I realized that it was to be added to the long list of alcoholic beverages that I don't enjoy.

I've got about 3 or more essays due within the next two weeks and all I can think about is
1. sex. as usual.
2. comic strips I want to write out and draw.
3. how much I just want to sleep.

I've also been thinking of trying to get an artist to help me out with the Comic as my resources and skills are lacking and are preventing the comic from becoming as amazing as "Least I Could Do" or other amazing web comics that I love. This would help me out as I could write out scripts and outlines for comics as much as I want and then hand them over to the artist and have them draw it up as I want...although problems arise, like:
a. finding an artist who draws in a way I like
b. finding an artist who doesn't mind working for free, and who happens to be skilled
c. finding an artist who won't wrestle over creative control with me

seeing as how I doubt I'll find anything I like in this department, I've decided to keep slugging on with my pens, pencil crayons and markers.

12th Oct 2009, 4:45 AM


We're all just looking for our Twinkies

So I FINALLY saw "Zombieland" last night, it was amazing. I loved it. as far as good movies go, it had everything:
1. nudity in slow motion
2. humor
3. violence
4. attractive people with (5.)cool weapons
6. Bill Murray

I can't wait to buy it on DVD, it's landed a spot within my top 5 favourite movies. i was actually surprised at how "deep" the movie got and how a twinkie became symbolic of something other than a penis.

I think i'll be woody harrellson's character for halloween :)

next order of business: I HAVE A TESITMONIAL!
this is in reference to my comic strip where i suggested that the perfect way to break the mood is to announce that you have a wedgie (im assuming that if you're reading this, you've read said comic strip). well, a reader of mine recently told me about how he used that method with his own little twist:

"So today I was with someone that I had been seeing a couple times and things were
getting a little too close too fast and I was getting this weird vibe. Then I briefly
remembered that comic you had about talking about wedgies. So I tried it with a little improvisation. In the middle of her sentence I said; "Hold on there for a sec I have a frontal wedgie as if my balls are being parted like the sea. I'm about to pass out." Then I proceeded to adjust my self. Outside the pants of course. Needless to say problem solved."

this was the experience of my lovely reader who shall be referred to as Designer Pancakes for now. thanks for your testimonial DP :) as I read this little story of his I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

I wonder what my "twinkie" is...what's yours?

last but not least: BUFFY

so one of my classes has this nerdily cute prof who has published an article on whedon's idea of Souls in the Buffy-verse. he showed us the site it's on, which is an online academic journal devoted to academic articles focusing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. seriously, an entire Academic Journal devoted to Whedon's Buffy. this makes me wonder, how much longer 'til firefly/serenity follows suit? and then: how much longer until there's a university course out there devoted to the Joss Whedon and his work? I want in.
Saying all this, I must add as well: I'm finally watching Buff the Vampire Slayer. I never really got into it, but now that I'm more aware of Whedon and the academic significance of Buffy, I've begun to scout out episodes of the show that i can watch online for free. I'm almost through the first season and find it unbelieveably adorable. I first got into whedon through firefly and serenity so it's really cool to go back and see how he started off.
Also: I want Giles in my bed. Now.

my twitter posts as I watch episodes usually go like this "omg i want giles in my bed" "yes giles, that's it, be witty, i like that" "i want to see that sweater vest hastily discarded onto the floor next to my bed" etc.

5th Oct 2009, 5:14 AM



first of all, this is something you should check out:\

a dear friend of mine showed this to me and i feel it's something that should be spread around :)

next up: yes. i got laid. finally. the alarm clock i have resting in the windowsil above my bed fell between the head-board and the wall during and, well, now it's broken. the snooze button caved in. :P

and heads up ladies, wearing a pencil skirt afterwards, especially when you're "rusty", is a bad idea.

so yeah, thank fucking god I got that itch scratched. that person is truly a good friend.

I'm drawing up a comic strip or two about the comical situations that occured surrounding the event, but because i am STILL without a functional scanner (i have to resort to using a friend's scanner or my mom's) it won't be up until next weekend at the latest. So instead i took out a strip from my stash and posted it.

i drew this strip last august while in a History of Astronomy lecture. from beginning to end of the lecture (3 fucking hours thank you very much) this weird gross chick kept staring over at me. i don't know if it was because i had a can of pop in my cleavage or because she was curious about what i was drawing. she smelled funny.

all in all, things are good :D