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26th Jun 2013, 1:16 PM



Hey Folks!

Sorry it took me so long to put this up - I've been busy, to say the least. Anyways, the point of this blog is to catch y'all up on the past year or so since I haven't posted enough comics lately for you to know anything about whats going on. You don't *have* to read this - but you should at least skim it so that you won't be totally confused when you read the comics I'm going to start posting soon.


So as you know I've been living in Toronto for the past 3 years - Living up in Richmond Hill was no longer an open due to some drama that occured in my family between my brother and I. Lets ust say that this isn't the time or place for me to go into it, so I'm going to leave it at "I couldn't live at home anymore". Anyways, around that time I broke up that nice guy, Bobby who you've seen in my comics. Then I met Matt (His first appearance was here:  - we dated briefly but then broke up ( but he was nice enough to let me stay with him in his tiny apartment (technically a bedroom he was renting out in a house full of other rentors) until I found my own place (which only took me a month). He really helped me out and we have stayed great friends since we broke up. We've helped each other out a lot.

Summer 2011-Spring 2012
Anyways - so I found an apartment a month after Matt and I broke up and moved in. I was living on the top floor of this nice house near Ossington Station with two other women who were really nice - mostly. The longer I lived there the more annoyed I became - I was working at starbucks almost constantly while going to school, and would work 4 shifts in one weekend so I could avoid my roommates. One of them was older (I didn't find out until I moved in that she was in her mid fifties and incredibly controlling: "You can't do laundry right now, I have to go to sleep, it'll wake me up (she said this at 9pm)" "can you try to walk more quietly? You wake me up when you go to the bathroom at night") while the other was in her mid twenties, but fairly uptight and passive aggresive. When I moved in they told me that if I was going to have a "gentleman caller" over, I had to give them two days notice - yet I would constantly come home to find the older one watching tv loudly in the living room with her boyfriend, or the younger one with a huge group of her grad-school friends talking about irony...and they would send me emails instead of talking to me about important things. I moved in there in the summer of 2011, and by the spring of 2012 I was so sick of living there that I moved again, about three blocks over - but there's still more to tell about my time living with the two ladies. At the end of all 2011, I met this nice australian guy, Josh G. (I think the only comic he made it into was here: He told me he was only going to be in Canada for about  year, doing a work-travel thing. We agreed when we met not to let ourselves get too attached to each other since we both knew he would be leaving. Sometimes when we hung out he talked about thinking of staying in Toronto, but I told him I didn't want him staying in Toronto just because of me, that would be too much pressure. So we sort of had an open relationship for the time that he was here - we had a lot of fun together. We didn't have a lot of money so we usually just hung out and played videogames together, cooked together or got take out when we could afford it. Over the year I came out as bi-sexual (Something I had realized about myself while dating Bobby - it got to a point where the porn I watch was 99% female) and finally got to go out with a few other women. Unfortunately, all my attempts at dating other wome ended in disappointment as most of them I usually found very annoying ("I don't feel a spark with you - and I know what I'm looking for may not exist at all but I don't want to settle" ugh). So I kept trying, but learned not to expect anything to happen. In Spring 2012 I had to fight tooth and nail with OSAP to get money for school because they thought I was earning enough to pay for school on my own. I explained I couldn't pay for school because I had to pay for rent and groceries, bills, etc. They said I shouldn't be wasting money on such things because I should be living at my mom's house, and I explained to them that that wasn't an option. After a lot of administrative bullshit, they finally gave me enough money for school and a bit left over. With that money, I moved out from my current apartment into a new own three blocks away in Spring 2012.

Summer 2012-Spring 2013
So I found this super cheap apartment right at Ossington and Bloor. About $450/month - and I was sharing the main floor of a house with another young lady. The rent was really cheap because the layout of the apartment was very strange: Emma had a nice big room, but it only had one window tucked into the corner that never brought in any sunlight. Our bathroom was in her bedroom and it was pitifully small - it was like a closet had been turned into a bathroom, and it was pretty much a shower with a toilet and a sink inside. No lie. I used to shave my legs by sitting sideways on the toilet with my foot propped up on the wall, with water running over my legs. The whole room was tile and there was a drain in the middle but the floor would stay wet for hours after anyone showered. Emma had a divider screen set up so that I could enter her bedroom and go to the bathroom without disturbing or seeing her. We had a nice kitchen, but there was no windows or ventilation so that got annoying. My bedroom was behind the kitchen, at the back of the house, but there was no wall between my bedroom and the kitchen because I think my bedroom used to be a den or something. We had a curtain set up to give me some privacy, and luckily Emma was almost never home so it wasn't an issue. I had a little sun room at the back of the house, and I had the backyard all to myself so it was worth it. I really liked it, even though my room was tiny. Right after I moved in there, I adopted a kitten who I named "Batcat". She's tiny and black and has  little white patch on her stomach that looks like the bat symbol, so I decided to name her "Batcat" - Batgirl was too obvious. She's super adorable and I love her a lot and I'm trying super hard not to become a crazy cat lady. Its been a year since I adopted her now, and she's still tiny - Matt and I call her a Forever Kitten. She was probably the runt of the litter which would explain her stunted growth - I keep her food dish at least half full all the time so that she can eat whenever she's hungry, but she hasn't gotten much bigger. A friend took me to my very first burlesque show in June 2012 (Underground Peepshow's Super smash bros. show) and I've compeltely fallen in love with burlesque! My friend Cate and I sent in a few pitches to try and join their show, but no such luck yet. In Summer 2012 Josh G left to go back home to Australia because his dad needed him to help renovate a house and other than me, he didn't have any reasons to stay in Toronto (when I wasn't there, all he did was work and play video games). I took him to the airport to say goodbye and he gave me the xbox and tv he had bought while he was here because he couldn't take it back home with him. We're still on good terms and keep in touch. Anyways - I sortof dated this girl Jill for a bit in Summer 2012 - she was great but was in an open relationship with her boyfriend (who she's been with sincie high school) so I knew our relaitonship had limits. In September 2012, I met a guy who I will simply call "J" and we started a monogamous relationship. I really liked him and Jill and her boyfriend were getting engaged so I decided it was a good time for me to commit to monogamy again. Emma moved out and I had a new girl, Lauren move in - I met her on craigslist and surprise, surprise, she turned out to be a total nightmare - but more on that in a bit. Things with J and I started out great - the sex was ridiculously amazing. He asked me that if I wanted to put him in my comics, that I not make him recognizable becaue of his political career. I agreed, but because of how...unique...his style was, it was easier to just not put him in my comics (Otherwise I could only draw him as a stick figure). In October our relationship started to disintigrate, and we broke up a week before my birthday in November. It was a really messy break up and I was really depressed for most of the fall, but I moved on and things got better. Now, at this house on Ossington we had a tenant in the basement who was a total nightmare - a crack-head, an idiot, and a total degenerate. He constantly blocked the path to the backyard (his entrance was at the side of the house, my entrance was at the very back of the house and I had to walk past his entrance to get to mine, he felt for some reason that this was a grave injustice and kept trying to block my path either with himself and his friends or with furniture). Him and His girlfriend would fight and throw things around violently and loudly constantly, and he was always starting fights with me. He would blast music constantly, and barbeque food outside my bedroom window at 3am regularly. He was a total jerk in anyway. My landlord had me report all his activity to her, and we were able to get him evicted. Unfortunately, because Ontario laws favour tenants so much, It took months to get him to move out but he was out by winter. Thank God. Lauren was quickly becoming a nightmare - she smoked pot constantly and was a pathetic alcoholic. She didn't work and wasn't in school (she was on assistance because of some 'anxiety disorder' - she abused her medication though and I don't think I ever saw her sober). Her room was constantly a mess (her cat's litter box would go unchanged for months, she would have dirty dishes stacked in her room and the sink for weeks at a time, and she had garbage all over the place - when I tried to talk to her about it she would either brush me off or get angry and defensive). Her cat was a brat and was constantly eating all of Batcat's food and driving me nuts. Lauren would microwave food at 4am regularly, even though she knew that I worked at 6 or 7am on a regular basis, and between school and work really needed my sleep. Our microwave was really loud, and it wouldn't have been too bad if it weren't for the fact that she would put her food in for 2 minutes, let it go off, and then put it back on for 2 minutes, and repeat it like 5 times. She usually stayed up til 5 or 6am, and would regularly be sitting on the front steps smoking when I would leave for work. She usually slept in until around 2 or 3pm. Her room reeked of cat piss and she was horribly obnoxious. In January J got back in contact with me and we made amends. We're friends now, but we're never getting back together. I started started dating this amazing man named Tony, who I'm still seeing now, although our schedules match up as often as I'd like - we're in an open relationship though so that makes things easier. In March I met another great guy named Josh M and things are going pretty well still :) Thing with Lauren kept getting worse though, and Matt's roommate gave him notice of moving out. Matt's landlord is a bit of a creep, so Matt and I looked aorund for an apartment together but couldn't find anything that was nice & the right price in the right location so we talked Matt's landlord into letting me move in at the end of April. Just before I moved, I found out that my time at York University was finally coming to a close - I was allowed to gradute! Unfortunately I kind convocation ceremony, but I can attend another one in October. The good news, is I have my degree in English and after five fucking years, I'm done my BA! I nearly cried in the office when the student advisor told me. Unfortunately though - my original plan when I started at York was to continue on to my Phd and become a professor, but over the past few years I've slowly realized that being a professor isn't the right decision for me and I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I've decided to take a year off to work and think about what I really want to do - I was so burnt out when I finished at york that I seriously need time off. I want to apply to U of T to become a therapist - like Marriage Counselling, Anger Management, that sort of stuff. believe it or not, I've become the person that most of my friends come to for advice. I quit my job at starbucks because my boss was driving me nuts and I'm not working at a real estate office as a receptionist, and I really love it. I started getting tired of all the work I had to put into dying my hair red (plus I was worried about my hair eventually becoming damaged from being dyed so much), so I decided to change my hair back to my natural hair colour (which I haven't seen in a decade, but if I remember correctly is dirty-blonde/light brown) - so I tried to bleached it myself but fucked up so I had to go to a salon. They cut my hair super short and bleached my hair, and then later on I dyed it a darker blonde to blend in with my roots. I didn't expect to look so cute with short blonde hair, but I like it :) I decided to keep my hair short for the summer to help me stay cool, and then in the fall I'll grow it back out. I moved in with Matt at the end of April and its been awesome so far. We get along really well and his girlfriend and I have become friends. She's involved in the burlesque community. Her and I just signed up for an Adventure Time themed burlesque show (I'll be performing as the Ice King!) - we don't know when the show will be yet though because its still in the planning stages. So as it stands right now I'm in an open relationship with two great guys, I have a few friends-with-benefits on the side, and I'm living with one of my best friends and I get to hang out with him and his awesome girlfriend and their friends. I have a nice job, I got my degree, and I'm happy. Matt has two cats - Daisy (who you may remember from past comics) and his big handsome sweetie-pie, Homer (Who I will definitely be posting comics of).


so that's about it - I think I've caught you up on everything important. I hope to be posting some fun comics soon :D

23rd Nov 2012, 3:04 PM


I'm 22 now!

I would have posted today's comic sooner, but it was my birthday last weekend. Also, I'm in the middle of the shit storm that is midterms, and as you can see, I've just finished up a bad break-up.

It was a mess - it was drawn out for a month, and I'm really angry and disappointed that he couldn't be civil and mature about it. But what can you do but forget about the assholes who treat you badly? That's the last time I agree to monogamy just because someone asks me to. I'm trying to figure out whether or not I'm not capable of monogamy at all, or if its just that I've been doing it with the wrong people. Either way, looks like I'm taking a good break from it again.

Luckily I was able to round up some friends to celebrate my birthday properly, and I was able to keep up my tradition of getting laid on my birthday :D Luckily for me, I'm an attractive girl in a big city and its easy for me to meet guys that I get along with very well. I doubt I'd get laid very often if I were a guy, because I'm fundamentally lazy - I don't bother flirting with people. My usual tactics are to go out for drinks, and then if things go well I say "May I drag you back to my place?", that's rarely turned down. Once back at my place I usually get around to saying something like "I didn't bring you back here to talk", and that is usually met with enthusiasm. I very very highly doubt that I could get away with pulling shit like that if I were a guy, no matter how handsome. Especially since, you know, I don't like girls who let guys talk to them like that. Yes, yes, I know, I'm quite the hypocrite. Oh well, what can you do?

I have three exams in December, and on the 6th I have to get all four wisdom teeth taken out --___-- so hopefully while I'm laying about in my pain-killer stupor, I'll be able to fart out some comics.

13th Aug 2012, 11:23 AM


Catchin' Up

Ok - So I finally have time to devote to Outletting again, but I feel like I should write a nice good blog-post to catch everyone up on what's happened in the past year so that the comics I want to post won't be confusing or huge blocks of text.

To say it's been a crazy year would be an understatement.

I moved out of my Mom's house, hopefully for the last time ever. Things with my twin brother got quite messy and it wasn't within my best interest to live with him anymore. Let's just leave it at that. When I started dating Matt (You may remember him as the chap with the pony-tail, beard and bowtie) I was lucky enough to be able to stay at his place a lot. We were practically living together when we broke up - and even luckier still I was able to live with him until I found my own place. Our break up wasn't messy at all and he's one of my closest friends now. We were able to live together, in a bedroom, for a month right after breaking up with out getting in a fight or even irritating each other. I had starting working at starbucks and found an apartment by September.

I really lucked out for what was my first apartment in toronto -  $550/month to rent a bedroom on the top floor of a nice house right in between Ossington subway station and Dufferin Grove park. I shared the top floor of the house with 2 other women and an old grumpy cat named Buddy. It wasn't perfect, but it was amazing considering all the horror stories I've heard. School went well, I worked hard and managed to find a balance between school and long hours at starbucks with only sacrificing a good chunk of sleep. I worked double shifts most weekends. Starbucks has this awesome thing where if you work at one store, you can cover a shift at any store because they all work the same way. So in the past year, I've worked at about 14 different starbucks locations - some just 1 shift, others 3 or 4. Between most saturdays and sundays I worked 4 shifts. My roommates were usually gone all week, but home all weekend (and became increasingly annoying) and I like to be home alone. They were alright, but a bit high-strung for my tastes. If I had a guy over, they wanted me to give them as much notice as possible (like 2 days), but were fine with me having girls over. They wanted us to sit down and have "meetings" like once a month or so and talk about everything. We had weekly chores and I couldn't use the kitchen (or the washing mahine in it) after my one roommate had gone to sleep which was usually around 9-10pm. She complained that she was a light sleeper and that the light or any sound from the kitchen would keep her up. It made me wonder why she chose the bedroom right across from the kitchen and right beside the bathroom...but she was a control yeah.Things continued to get annoying there, but I was worried about moving somewhere else and ending up in a worse situation. During the school year I took a course on Apocalyptic Science Fiction with Professor Allen Weis - it was amazing! I met this cool chick there, and we got to talking and eventually she asked if I knew anyone who was looking for a roommate for august. I said I was actually interested in finding a new living situation. Her and I discussed looked for a place together. One day I was casually looking through apartment ads on craigslist and found a room for rent, $450 a month (all utilities included) right across the street from Ossington station. I emailed in and met the girl who would be my roommate, and her and I got along really well. I moved in a month and a half later at the beginning of June. I love it here - I share the main floor of a house with another girl my age and we share the bathroom and kitchen. I have a porch and the backyard to myself. My room is so cheap because I don't actually have a door...or a wall...because my bedroom clearly used to be a living room or something. Nothing thick curtains can't fix. Also, my roommate is almost never home - she works two jobs and visits family and friends most weekends. I'm so glad it worked out :D

Right after moving into my new place I adopted a baby kitten which I've named Batcat - She's adorable and sweet and I'm so happy I adopted her. She's growing fast and pretty well behaved for such a young cat.

And now for something that's a long time comming (pun not intended): I'm bisexual. It was a slow realization for me which I didn't really notice until I was dating Bobby. In high school I remember staring at the bodies of other girls a lot, but I though that was normal. And I rarely actually had a crush on a boy - I remember forcing a crush because I felt I was supposed to have one, and I would usually pick the least annoying/ugly guy, and usually someone who I had no chance of actually being with. In high school I had a crush on a guy I never even spoke too until grade 12 when I finally had a class with him and heard him talk about 1984. He was an idiot and the crush shattered. I remember thinking "I find girls attractive, but I lesbian sex is gross." - boy did that change. When I was with Bobby I came to the realization that all the porn I watched was almost only women. It didn't take much for me to realize I wasn't grossed out by lesbian sex anymore. After my break up with Bobby I decided I would try to go out with some girls, but ended up dating Matt before I coul get anywhere with that. After Matt and I broke up I avoided getting into another relationship and focused more on friends-with-benefits type situations. I managed to go out with a few girls, but those were mostly bad experiences. Either the girl lied about her appearance on her profile and  used "creative" photos, or when we actually sat down and talked they were incredibly boring and passive. I met an amazing girl in March and was crazy about her for a bit, but she broke things off because she didn't feel a "spark" - so I moved on. I've recently met an amazing girl who has been in an open relationship for 4 years and has a ridiculous amount of stuff in common with me. Her and I are on the same page in terms of what we want with each other. Its a huge relief. She'll probably show up in the comics soon :) When I came out to my Mom and Dad it was hilariously anti-climatic, but I'll be making comics about that.

I got two tattoos, and I plan to get more :D I will be posting comics about them.

I dated this Australian guy for a while - Met him in November, said goodbye to hime at the Airport this past weekend when he flew back home. I knew when I met him that it would be a temporary thing and made sure not to get attached - set boundaries, dated other people, etc - so it wasn't a messy breaking-off. We were seeing each other for about 9 months despite the fact that we both said we weren't looking for a relationship when we met. He had the opportunity to go home (he was here on a work-travel visa for a year) earlier than he planned and decided to take it since he had fallen into a routine in Canada and missed his family and friends. We had a good time together and he was a great guy and we'll probably keep in touch and on good terms.

anywho - that's the most of it, I decided this would be easier than posting comics that contained huge blocks of text. Hopefully the comics I post from now on will make sense to y'all :D

Sorry for the lack of comics this past year, hopefully now you understand why.

26th Apr 2012, 11:39 AM



Hey Folks, I apologize for how long it took me to post a comic, and how blurry and difficult to read it is. I've been going through some hectic times.

I'm hoping I can keep posting comics this summer, but I'm not making any promises :(

so here's an update on some personal stuff, which should hopefully make you folks a little more sympathetic towards my inabilitiy to update regularly.

So I'm battling with OSAP, and pretty much have to get proof that I can't live at home (My brother has issues, and he can't live on his own, and its not in my best interest to live with him). what the fuck. Anyways. Because of the National Student Loan Board and OSAP and the Ministry, I was told I might not even get my OSAP loan for this past school year. Then I was told that if I did get it, it wouldn't be that much because I "made so much money". Then I had to explain that I've been paying for rent and bills and groceries and ttc fare since last August because I can't live at home. Then I had to prove why I can't live at home. Now I have to take summer courses, and hope that the ministry will roll over the amount I should be getting for 2011-2012 with the amount I'll get for my summer courses. so yeah. woooo. The ridiculousness that the bureaucrocy is made up of is the only thing that has made me want to change my mind about pursuing an academic career (ever since I was 15 I've wanted to be a University Professor).

Also, I'm moving to a new apartment at the end of May. It's a few streets over from where I live now, but it's $100 cheaper than what I'm currently paying. $450 a month with utilities included, and I can see the main entrance of the subway from my front door :D

my camera broke, and my scanner isn't working, so Im going to try to fix them or replace them, we'll see what happens. I don't want to post another comic with the camera on my blackberry because it just looked awful :(

23rd Dec 2011, 12:23 PM



There are times when I’m falling asleep, or trying to, when I close my eyes and feel as if I’m more aware of myself. I feel myself become bigger – not my physical self, that doesn’t change as far as I can tell – it’s like a different element of myself, ballooning and expanding with my breath. Yet, at the same time, I feel myself shrinking. I exist in this state of duality  (well more than that really, because along with the small and the large, I’m also aware of my physical and mental self. So…quadality?) Where I can feel myself expanding and shrinking at the same time. My expanded self has this sense of hovering and drifting along, whereas the shrinking self has a sense of falling, of drifting down. I have this feeling of becoming so big and expansive, but at the exact same time, of shrinking and falling into the abyss of the expansive self. I flex certain muscles to bring myself back to the physical world, but if I keep my eyes closed and flex, I now exist in both these states - the imagined and the physical - where I can feel my physical body, but can also feel my imagined body in both the expanded and shrinking forms. Oddly enough, this whole experience has a calming effect.